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Pupil Voice


You don't have to take our word for it - languages ARE fun!! Just read some of the comments below, made by pupils who require no further convincing!

Spanish is GREAT!! One of the main languages spoken all around the world.

Jade Davidson

I learnt German in KS3 but changed to Spanish because I wanted to learn something new.
Janny Quan
Spanish is exciting and fun!
Anissa Whyte
I loved learning French in lower school, so I chose to do French and Spanish for GCSE. It’s quite challenging to do both but I’m really enjoying it.
Jenna Sharpe
I like learning French and Spanish because it will help me in my job and also my knowledge of speaking Italian is a great help since they are all Latin-based.
Samira Bouzkraoui
Español es muy divertido
Danita Allen-Thomas
I found learning German really fun so I decided to learn Spanish too.
The Ann Hoang