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Year 9 day trip to Boulogne


On Saturday 2 April a group of Year 9 pupils went to Boulogne. We spent four hours on a coach going through the Eurotunnel. When we arrived in Boulogne we were greeted by the warm sunshine and the welcoming sea. When we entered the Aquarium we experienced touching and seeing tons of different sea creatures such as sharks, sting rays and – my favourite part – penguins. After looking around the Aquarium we walked to a nearby high street in the lovely warm heat. We bought presents for mums and friends. We were surprised that in France they have H&M. After 40 minutes of shopping we reluctantly boarded the coach back to dull old England with only the memories of France to cheer us up. We all had a lovely day and if another opportunity came to do it again, we certainly would.

By Ife Akintayo 9 Blue

In the main square in Boulogne