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Year 8 - Intermediate Computer Science and Digital Literacy


In year 8 students develop their skills and knowledge in the following:


Appshed Unit 8.1: AppShed

Students will be learning how to build content-based web apps that work on any smartphone. Using AppShed a free web based application.









Unit 8.2: Stencylstencyl

Students will continue to develop their programming skills with the freely available

programming software Stencyl. Students will learn how to make a simple Stencyl game

which will help develop their Stencyl programming skills to make their own games. 





multimedia        Unit 8.3: Multimedia 

    This unit give students the opportunity to develop multimedia products to help promote their app and game that they have created from the previous units. This will help students to develop their skills in podcasting, video editing, desktop publishing and other multimedia skills.