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Year 7

Week beginning 04th May Year 7 Art lesson – Fantastic Beasts

Lesson overview 

Over the next two lessons you will be thinking about fantastical beasts you know about already and what real life fantastic beasts live in our world today. You will draw a mythical fantastical beast and describe its special features/characteristics and explain what animals have evolved in the real world to survive in their unique habitats. 

What you’ll need 

Worksheet – Fantastical Beast Introduction, internet (if possible)  

Starter (20 minutes)

What fantastical/mythical beasts do you know about? For example, dragons are mythical beasts. I want you to draw a fantastical beast and annotate it by describing its different adaptations and its habitat (where it lives). 

Fantastical Beast Project 

Over the next few weeks you will be completing tasks that will help you design your own fantastical/Mythical beast. Along with describing its characteristics/adaptions and its habitat (where it lives). 

Main 1 (40 minutes)

Start to create your own creature, by amalgamating parts of other animals.  You can cut images of real animals out and mix and match them to help plan your creature. You might want to draw some parts do this in pencil so you can change it if you need to. Use the A4 paper to create your BEAST!!! Don’t worry about the background yet...Just think about the creature! 

Main 2 (30 minutes)

Use the internet to do some research on some real-life fantastic beasts. You should outline its classification (type of animal), describe the different challenges it faces living in its habitat and outline the different adaptations it has made to help it survive in its ecosystem. If you do not have access to the internet you could watch a show like Blue Planet to find out about some special animals. If you cannot watch tv you could look in a magazine or even look outside for inspiration. Try to describe at least three animals and their habitats. 

Plenary (5 minutes) 

What are two beasts that have cool characteristics that you would like to see mixed together?