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Woodard Schools

Independent and maintained, senior and prep, co-ed and single sex, boarding and day, all  Woodard Schools share the founder’s vision of a Christian education coupled with a belief in nurturing and enriching each individual. A vision which challenges those that believe education is simply a matter of teaching and learning certain skills.

With a supportive and enriching environment, Woodard Schools empower their pupils and provide a confidence enabling them to lead a rich and fulfilled life.

Today there are 19 owned Woodard schools - these are independent schools offering a wealth of education and opportunity for students from the ages of 2 to 18.

There are also 22 affiliated schools, located across the UK. These are leading state schools that have joined the Woodard family in order to share best practice, latest thinking and experience.

With schools within the group from both the independent and maintained sectors, Woodard is seen as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of education.


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