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Each year, we organise a series of visitors to the department. Over the last academic year, we have welcomed in the following visitors and speakers to engage with our students in Religious Studies:


  • Dr Rob de Bruin – The Ethics of Genetic Engineering
  • Dr Hugh Price – Free Will, Determinism and Quantum Physics
  • Nigel Desborough (A Church leader) – Christian Responses to the Problem of Evil
  • Right Reverend Michael Ipgrave (Bishop of Woolwich) – Christian Responses to ethical issues


In addition, as part of our ‘God and the Big Bang’ day:

  • Dr Jennifer Wiseman from NASA
  • Dr Emily Messer
  • Dr Matt Pritchard


And as part of our Sixth Form Enrichment:

Rev’d Ray Andrews – Christianity and homosexuality


In previous years, we have had the following visitors in to enhance the students’ learning in Religious Studies:

The Very Reverend Andrew Nunn who answered questions from year 11 students on philosophical and ethical issues

Mr L Nowen – who joined us for a term from King’s College and taught a variety of classes across the school

Mr J Lane – who joined us on a Thursday for a term from the London Nautical School and particularly worked to support the learning of the A2 Philosophy and Ethics group

Ian McCormack – who shared his Near Death Experience with many of the year 9 students as they studied the existence of the afterlife

Mr McAllister – Miss McAllister’s Dad (!) who spoke on the ethics of business and the environment to the year 13 ethics students.

Dr A Price – who spoke to two year 10 classes on the assisted dying debate from the point of view of a medical practitioner and psychiatrist

Hazel – a formerly homeless woman who was interviewed by 8 Orange on Humanities day