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Here you can see both our uniform, and our summer uniform.


School Uniform Checklist

Blazer Navy blue school blazer with embroidered school badge

(no other jackets may be worn)

Blouses ‘Tootal’ red and white pin-striped

Skirts Plain navy blue (box-pleat or kilt)

V-neck pullovers/ School v-neck jumper or cardigan

cardigans (with red & white insert) Sweatshirts may not be worn.

Socks Plain navy blue or black

Tights Plain black, navy or sheer skin tone

Shoes Plain black (low-heeled) No canvas shoes.

Trainers may not be worn except for PE

Overcoat Navy blue school coat or plain black or navy coat (to wear over blazers)

Scarf School scarf only (available from the school office)

P.E. Equipment Red Aertex shirt, navy blue shorts.

White or black gym shoes or trainers,

which are to be worn for P.E. only.

Plain navy blue, black, or white socks.

School track-suit (optional)

Equipment The school bag (with badge) to carry books and

Needed equipment. A pen, an eraser, a pencil and a ruler, geometry

instruments (eg protractor and compass), colouring items (e.g. felt

tip pens), a glue stick and a pencil case to store these items.

A scientific calculator (this may be purchased from school).

A reading book.

Jewellery No jewellery may be worn, other than a pair of small plain studs

(one in each earlobe), a discreet chain and cross and a

small wristwatch. Any form of smart watch including apple watches are not permitted.

No other jewellery or piercings are acceptable.

Make-Up Make-up is not considered appropriate for school;

this includes nail varnish, false nails, false eyelashes and

inappropriate hair colouring.


Lost Property Please ensure that all property is clearly labelled for a speedy return


School Clothiers WHITEHALL CLOTHIERS, 77 Camberwell Road,

London SE5 0EZ Tel. 020 7703 3604