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Physical Education

Our Vision

Throughout Key Stage 3/4 students will be assessed as a performer, a coach and an analyst. At the end of the key stage we expect students to possess the following in each area;


  • To be able to watch a performance and identify strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Combine identification with progress and suggest specific tasks to improve part or whole skills. 


  • To understand the teaching points of fundamental skills confidently enough to demonstrate to and coach another person. 


  • To be competent and confident in the fundamental skills required for a variety of sports (passing, receiving, shooting, dribbling etc).
  • Have a developed awareness of tactics and strategies needed to overcome an opponent. 
  • Possess the acquired knowledge of rules and regulations to participate and referee games. 
  • Holistically we would like students to;
  • Be confident in their communication skills to organise and lead a group. 
  • Value and actively work towards the promotion of physical, social and mental well-being, individually and amongst peers.