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Our Vision:

Mathematics is a beautiful subject.  It provides students with powerful ways to describe, analyse, change and improve the world. Students can experience a sense of awe and wonder as they appreciate the power of mathematics and make links between different areas of mathematics and also the history of how Mathematics has developed.

Students at our school study mathematics so that they can become fully participating citizens in an ever-changing society who are able to think mathematically, reason, solve problems and assess risk in a range of contexts.  They will develop the skills to understand science, technology and engineering as well as everyday tasks essential for keeping safe and healthy and maintaining their own economic well being. We aim for students to share our passion for mathematics and find the subject both enjoyable and fascinating in its own right.

Good learning takes place when students are given opportunities to solve problems by developing their understanding and making links between different areas of mathematics and applying skills.

Good teaching enables good learning to take place. 'The teachers’ job is to inspire and support in constructing and developing their own understanding of mathematics, rather than simply communicate the ways in which teachers themselves understand the subject.

As a result of good teaching and learning, our students are encouraged to develop into thinking individuals who are mathematically literate and can achieve their potential.