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Language Course in Osaka, Japan



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Last month 7 pupils spent two weeks in Osaka, Japan, where they participated in a Japanese Immersion course organised by the British Council. The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational and cultural relations. They create opportunities worldwide to support the DCSF’s international strategy – “every English pupil will have an international experience while at school”.

The St Saviour’s and St Olave’s pupils have been learning Japanese for 18 months. During their stay in Osaka they attended 30 Japanese lessons and participated in various cultural visits, travelled on the “bullet” train and mastered the use of chopsticks. They visited a secondary school where they joined in lessons and made many new friends. The highlight though was the day they spent with a Japanese family at their home.

The British Council enabled these pupils to improve their Japanese in a “hands-on” style, to experience Japanese traditional and contemporary cultures, to experience daily life and interact with Japanese young people. It was a life-changing experience. Some student comments:

Rezwana Latif - This Japanese Immersion Course trip was absolutely phenomenal in all aspects! I definitely will be returning there not only to immerse myself in the language and culture but to indulge in Japans' delightful cuisine. I really can't wait to eat ramen, sushi and okonomiyaki again! Nihon here I come!

Arami Nkaa - Going to Japan was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. It was really amazing being able to take part in a culture so drastically different to my own. Two of the definite highlights of the trip were the school visit and home visit, where I got to make friends and get emails. I will undoubtebly be coming back to Japan as soon as possible!