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Key Stage 5 Economics

The aim of the Economics curriculum is to develop students’ understanding of how the local / national  / global economy works through analysing economic issues, problems and institutions that affect everyday life.

The students at St Saviours and St Olave’s are constantly introduced to a wide variety of viewpoints from some of the most influential economists and entrepreneurs throughout history. We will investigate the impact that their work has had on the world we live in and students are encouraged to make links between their studies and real-life examples. Students are expected to be able to think analytically, reach logical conclusions based on data, and make judgements on future changes to markets and the economy.

Students undertake this whilst developing an increased understanding into current events happening globally. In addition to our aims, the design of the curriculum means that students revise and build on their existing knowledge.

The department also ensures there is sufficient challenge and support provided for those who need it.

The curriculum is delivered to students and then built upon through a variety of practice questions and analysis and evaluation of case studies with regular quality feedback being given to support student progress.

KS5 Curriculum for Economics