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Key Stage 5 Criminology, Psychology, Sociology

Curriculum intent for Criminology, Psychology and Sociology

Through the study of these subjects, we aim to develop learner’s ability to be critical thinkers through evaluation of theories and research, and to encourage them to consider wider implications. We also encourage learners to consider how the use and application of their learning impacts on themselves, other individuals, society and the environment. Students are further encouraged to understand the patterns and structures of human relationships, and to develop empathy and see the world through the eyes of others. Students are equipped with the skills to embrace differences and challenge discrimination. Lastly we intend to prepare our students for higher education and future careers.

The study of each of these subjects has the potential to enable students to become proficient at the following:

  • Reading and digesting complex texts
  • Being analytical
  • Justifying an argument
  • Being skeptical about arguments not supported by evidence
  • Using evidence to support or refute an argument
  • Applying knowledge in different settings
  • Taking a scientific approach to investigative work
  • Expressing ideas in a coherent manner in written work
  • Being able to analyse and interpret data

Lessons are designed to encourage students to make links with the wider world. By watching relevant videos, drawing on the issues within the wider world e.g. discussing BLM under social influence and considering how psychological theory has impacted legislation and policies. Students are encouraged to use specialist terminology when discussing and forming arguments so they feel more confident to challenge this in the real world.  For example, being able to recognise culture and gender bias in research.  Social Sciences encourage independence and responsibility for learning. Lessons consist of independent research tasks as well as class presentations to equip them with skills necessary for further education.

KS5 Curriculum for Criminology

KS5 Curriculum for Psychology

KS5 Curriculum for Sociology