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Key Stage 4

Due to the recent Government announcement stating that all GCSE exams are to be made linear, Students start their GCSE in year 9.  During Key Stage 4, students will continue to develop in the key areas of mathematics outlined on the Key Stage 3 page.  Students will continue to learn more complicated mathematical techniques but will no longer work under the level system.  Students will now be graded accordingly from A* to G.

How has the new plan to make all exams linear affected Maths?

Until recently, the Mathematics department entered all students into the Edexcel Modular exams but with the Governments recent announcement that all exams were to be made modular from September 2012 we will now be entering students for the Edexcel linear exam.  As a result slight changes have had to be made.

Years 7 and 8 will continue to develop their mathematical skills in preparation for key stage 4. However, year 9 will make a start to their GCSE and start to prepare themselves for their exams in the summer of year 11, with formative assessment and regular testing being used to keep a close eye on their progress and inform us when intervention is necessary.  Year 11 will then be used to practice what has been learnt in years 9 & 10 and prepare students as best as possible for the linear exam.

Students will be entered for the edexcel linear exam (Specification Code 1MA0)

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