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How will students be assessed during Key Stage 3?

The way students are assessed in Key Stage 3 can be divided into two categories:

  1. Formative assessment.
  2. Summative assessment.

Formative assessment takes place during every lesson and is the main means of assessment during key stage 3. 

Every student’s mathematical understanding is actually being assessed during every lesson!  Students are assessed formatively by being asked specific questions, completing a diagnostic task, working as part of a group and many other ways. 

Summative assessment takes place in the form of six tests during the year.

All Key stage 3 students will be assessed at the end of every half term, with a final exam during whole school exam week, testing everything learnt that year.  Whilst we feel that students and teachers can benefit massively through formative assessment, it is also of vital importance that students are able to ‘show off’ what they have learnt by taking a test under exam conditions.