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Our Vision

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.’ 

Marcus Garvey (1917)

At St. Saviour’s & St. Olave’s, our students learn through historical inquiry. Students study local, national and international History, allowing them a broad understanding of the world, its people, events and key developments. Through History students learn the richness and diversity of human experience through time. In lessons, students gain an understanding of the beliefs, motivations and dilemmas that influenced the behaviour of past peoples, and an awareness of how their legacy has shaped the world that we live in today. History helps our students to develop a sense of their own identities, as they study past cultures and societies. Embedded in our study of history is the importance of developing our students as citizens, who understand the origins of our multicultural nation, and the foundations of our modern legal and political institutions. Their History education at St Saviours and St Olaves will equip them to sustain strong arguments but to also have flexibility to incorporate new perspectives into their thinking. They will have the knowledge and confidence to question and influence the people and communities around them.