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It’s not often you go on an RS trip and spend most of the time eating, but that seemed to be the case for 7 Yellow and Blue girls who visited a Sikh Gurdwara (Temple) at the end of January. Having seen traditional Sikh worship, taken a tour of this remarkable building and listened to our volunteer guide, girls got to enjoy the sweet mixture – Kara Parshad and the delights of the langar. The langar is a free kitchen, where all who work and contribute do so voluntarily, and all food is free. It emphasises equality – that anyone is welcome to come and eat, whatever age, gender, race or religion. Girls experienced first-hand this wonderful welcoming spirit and left with a greater understanding and appreciation of the Sikh faith. A faith, we were taught, that teaches us to support and respect everyone as ‘children of God’. Well done to all girls who came and represented the school so well.


Gurdwara 2