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Our Vision

Geography has become an increasingly important subject for students in the 21st Century, as it covers the key challenges facing our planet.  It enables students to develop their knowledge of the world around them and equips them with practical skills that they can use in their everyday lives.
Geography aims to:

  •  Provide students with the opportunity to learn about the key challenges facing our world, including climate change, demography, migration, inequality, racism and pandemics and identify steps they can take to help address these issues.
  • Develop knowledge about key physical geography issues, including tectonics, weather hazards, coastal and river landscapes, ecosystems, rainforests and hot deserts;
  • Develop understanding of key human geographical issues, including urbanisation, globalisation, development and resource management.
  • Equip students with physical and human knowledge of the United Kingdom.
  • Help students understand how Africa, Asia and the Middle East are being transformed.
  • Encourage students to investigate their own migration stories.
  • Develop analytical, creative and critical thinking skills.