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Year 9 girls represented the school in a forensic challenge for the Salters Festival of Chemistry at University College London on Tuesday 2nd April 2019. Our girls excelled themselves with their knowledge and practical skills are were rewarded with certificates. There were numerous benefits to the girls such as

  • Carrying out forensic investigations practically in a workplace setting
  • Responsibility to carry out investigations “like a real Chemist”
  • Encourage team working and independent problem solving skills

Year 12 Chemistry students will participate in the Cambridge University Chemistry Challenge in June, last year our girls obtained 11 certificates to use within their UCAS applications. The highlight was Esther Akinyele and Victoria Balogun achieving Silver award certificates.


Here at SSSO we run Science clubs for girls in Year 7, 8 and 9. During these clubs the girls will carry out activities which are not always on the curriculum but broaden their education. 


Our science clubs aim to improve the girls’ understanding of Science, and also to be fun (as all good science should be)! The activities that are covered in Science club include but are not limited to launching water rockets, making bath bombs, experimenting with parachutes and making slime. 


During KS3 we also enter students to take part in the CREST award which allows students to research, plan, and create a report on an interesting science topic. If successful, the students will then receive this highly regarded award.