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English at Key Stage 3


Half-term 1

Half-term 2

Half-term 3

Half-term 4

Half-term 5

Half-term 6




Identities and Communities

Private Peaceful or A Monster Calls

Environmental Poetry

Adventure Fiction: Reading and Writing

Using Persuasive Language

Women in Shakespeare

What makes your identity? How do writers express their own identity?

How do writers present close relationships with family?

How do writers present viewpoints on critical issues?

How do writers explore the imagination to engage readers?

How do speakers use language to persuade?

How does Shakespeare present strong female characters?

Year 8

Animal Farm and Protest

Contemporary Voices

Speeches that Changed the World


Great Expectations and Gothic Fiction

Screen Writing

How does Orwell show revolution and corruption in his novel?

How do writers use the world around them to create poetry?

How do speakers use language to become powerful figures of change?

How does Shakespeare explore human frailties in Macbeth?

How does Dickens and others use gothic conventions to create vivid worlds?

Can you use current narratives to create your own and turn it into a film?

Year 9

Romantic Poetry and Protest in Literature

Connections across Literature: Jane Eyre and Noughts and Crosses

Creative Reading and Writing: Fiction

The Merchant of Venice

Viewpoints and Perspectives

Worlds and Lives Poetry Anthology

How do poets like Blake and Wordsworth present the victims of the Industrial Revolution?

How do Bronte and Blackman explore connections across literature?

How do writers use language and structure to create vivid texts?

How does Shakespeare present the prejudices of Elizabethan England?

How do writers present their viewpoints in a range of texts?

How do poets use language, structure and form to present the world around them?