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Outward Bound Trip - October 2019

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Monday 28th October

Team building with ropes

On site orienteering

 Putting kit back into the cage after a gorge scramble

 Cocoa last night

Tuesday 29th October


 Preparing for a coastal walk


"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it"

"Lovely - we've been throwing stones at the beach, now off to the village for an ice cream"

Climb every mountain

Wednesday 30th October


"So that's how you tie your walking boots up"

"Looking cool in our kit"

Thursday 31st October



Brewing up some hot chocolate in the sand dunes - just the thing for a chilly day


At the foot of the abseiling wall


Day 1 Hopes and Fears

Day 1 What will bring us up and what will drag us down

Lowest point, highest point, how you got there, what will you remember?

"Row,row,row your boat..."

"The lost poetesses circle?"

"Well stone me, we are having a great time!"

"Three (wo)men in a boat"

"This is me taking a leap of faith..."

"...supported by my team on the ground"

Last evening, toasting marshmallows around the camp fire

Friday 1st November


Gorge scrambling


Jog and a dip in the sea

Team Spirit

Ms Francis persuades an Instructor to adopt a weave!