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15th November 2021

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music came to SSSO to examine a number of students on 15th November. This was the first time we have done these exams since the start of the pandemic. These are difficult exams in which students have to prepare three pieces of music, play an unseen piece of music at sight, play a selection of scales and arpeggios (or perform a folk song if you are a singer), and have an aural test where students are questioned about a piece of music. Students did extremely well in these exams:

Teniola  - passed grade 5 singing

Azaria  - passed grade 6 'cello with merit

Leila - passed grade 2 viola

Hannah - passed grade 5 flute

Busola - passed grade 1 piano with distinction

Hannah - passed grade 4 flute

Taliah - passed grade 1 trumpet with merit

Rukvwe - passed grade 4 clarinet 

Dashiloh - passed grade 5 singing with merit

Sofia - passed grade 2 'cello with merit

Gloria - passed grade 4 singing