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Theatre Trip

"Extremism" - Theatre Peckham

On Thursday 14th November, some of us attended a play called ‘Extremism’ at Theatre Peckham organised by the RS and PSHCE departments. It was extremely eye-opening and brought to light the current issues faced by students in school and the educational environment. There were some shocking scenes that I didn’t expect such as a Muslim girl being forced to her knees by other pupils and a black student who was the laughing stock of the class as he spoke a different language. I’d say that the play is a microcosm of society as it amplified the suffering(s) of minority groups who are depicted in a negative way by many – especially the media. As reflected in the title, the play explored different aspects of ‘extremism’ which we tend to overlook in our society. I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend it.

Ketsia-Patience Kassongo