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Year 9

4th Home School Project: Surrealist Objects and Assemblage

15th June – 29th June

Year 9 Art work. This work will last you two weeks. Your teacher has given you a deadline which is for all of these tasks. Make sure you complete the work to the best of your ability and, by the deadline, email photos of your work to your Art teacher. Your Art teacher will give you feedback on the previous project and set the next task. Please email your teacher if you have any questions or problems accessing the work.


Surrealists liked to put objects that were not normally associated with one another together to make something that was playful and disturbing at the same time’. From crockery to clothes, our home is inhabited by objects. We are familiar with these objects and they are part of our daily lives. In the 1st Home School Project, you had to look at the definition of the Uncanny (something that is both familiar and strange). For this new project, you will look at how Surrealist artists have created Uncanny objects. You will then have a go at creating and drawing your own Uncanny object.

  1. Watch the video called ‘Unlock Art: Exploring the Surreal’
  1. Look at examples of Surrealist objects and assemblages
  2. Answer the questions
  3. Complete the drawing tasks

Unlock Art: Exploring the Surreal video:      Video: Exploring the Surreal


Artist: Meret Oppenheim
Title: The Couple
Date: 1936
Artist: Meret Oppenheim
Title: Gloves
Date: 1985
Medium: Screen-print on Goat Suede

Question 1:

What are the two types of surrealist paintings?

Question 2:

What are the three most interesting facts and/or ideas you learned about when watching the video?

Question 3:

What is your first impression of the two Surrealist objects above? What images and thoughts come to your head when you see them?

Write at least 2 sentences to respond.


Drawing tasks

In your sketchbook or on any available paper (you can use cardboard or an old newspaper if you don’t have plain white paper)

Use a pencil or a pen

  1. Find objects in your home you would like to put together to create a Surrealist object. Play around with different assemblages for 15 minutes and take photos of them.
  2. Draw the 2 Surrealist objects you are the most happy with. Spend 30 minutes per drawing.