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The Extended Project Qualification

As part of enrichment opportunities at SSSO, Year 12 students are given the opportunity to study for the EPQ. This stands for the Extended Project Qualification and is equivalent to an AS Level, it also attracts UCAS points.

It is intended to be a self-driven and self-guided piece of research into an area of the student’s interest that is not related to what they have to learn for their exams. It contains the following elements:

-Taught sessions where students are taught how to research, write academic essays and other more specific skills such as referencing

-A EPQ supervisor who they meet with for 15-20mins per week

-A requirement to either write a 5000 academic essay answering a critical style question or an artefact (which could range from sewing a dress to creating a photography exhibition) with an accompanying 1500 essay

Some example projects that our students undertook last year:

  • ‘To what extent do ethnic minority patients experience healthcare inequality in the USA in comparison to the UK’
  •  ‘Why does sleep exist and how have organisms adapted because of this’
  •  ‘The rise and fall in dental care’
  • ‘Anti-War notions within American media during the Vietnam war’


If you are interested in studying an EPQ please consider completing this free preparation course as it will give you a real idea of what is involved: