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School Computer, Internet and Email Systems Conditions of Use

This is the usage policy which must be signed by all students before being allowed to use I.T in the school.

This can be found in the Student Planner.

School Computer System: Conditions of Use

  • The computer account with which you are provided is for your use only. You are not permitted to pass on your password to any other user. Your computer account is your responsibility, you will be held responsible for any actions undertaken while using your account.
  • If you are found to either be using an account that is not yours or to have permitted the use of your account by another user, then both accounts will be disabled until the situation has been dealt with to the school’s satisfaction.
  • The school computer systems are provided to help you with your studies, not for your personal entertainment or for organising your social lives.
  • You will be actively discouraged from using the computer system for personal means; by doing this you are possibly preventing another user from completing their school work.
  • If you wish to use a computer in a room where a class is taking place, it is up to the discretion of the teacher taking the class whether or not you may use the computer facilities at that time.

Saving Work

  • All work should be stored in your provided work area. Storing work on local computers is not permitted, as we cannot guarantee the files will remain there after you log off.
  • If you receive errors whilst saving work to your work area, you must notify the IT Technician immediately so as to minimise the chance of you losing any work.
  • USB drives should never be used as a method of file storage, as they damage easily. USB drives can be used as a method of copying files to an alternative location, e.g. a home computer.
  • If any files that are not deemed to be genuine school work are found in your work area, they will be removed without notice. If this is found to be a regular occurrence, then action will be taken.


  • Users should only print work-related material. Any user found to be printing material that is deemed to be a waste of resources is liable to sanction.
  • Any user found to be constantly wasting printer resources will have all printing facilities suspended until a course of action is decided; this may include the user paying for any further printing.

Internet and email systems: Conditions of Use

  • Keep your password private. Do not tell anybody your password
  • Only use the school’s internet and email systems for school work and homework
  • Make sure an adult is supervising you when using the internet
  • When using the internet or email systems you must follow your teacher’s instructions.
  • Users are to act responsibly when using these systems
  • Do not assume all information published on the web or written in emails are true
  • The internet and email systems can only be used after the terms and conditions have been read and the agreement has been signed by the student and the parent/guardian
  • It is important you DO NOT give away your own or anyone else’s personal details in any form of communication within these systems
  • You must not respond to any email messages that you feel uncomfortable about and inform your teacher immediately
  • To ensure appropriate educational use and the good name of the school are maintained, all incoming and outgoing emails will be regarded as public and can be monitored by staff for undesirable content or attachments. 
  • Email messages regarding school business must be approved by a member of staff before sending
  • A limit has been set on the size of attachments, no more than 500kbytes
  • The forwarding of chain letters is prohibited
  • The use of students’ personal email accounts (Hotmail, Yahoo Mail) on the school system is prohibited. Only the email address provided by the school is allowed to be used
  • The rules of Netiquette (good manners) for communicating with others electronically will be observed
  • Do not download or attempt to view any materials which could be offensive or undesirable
  • Report any breaches of the above rules to your teacher immediately

If you break the above rules the following consequences could occur:

  1. You could put yourself or others in danger. So think carefully about what you do
  2. You could give yourself and the school a bad reputation
  3. Your teacher(s) may decide that you can only use the internet if they sit next to you
  4. Your teacher(s) may decide to ban you from using the internet for a period of time. Repeated offences may result in a total ban
  5. You could have your email account withdrawn
  6. A letter could be sent home informing your parent/guardian of the nature and breach of rules

Netiquette – Good Manners

There are good manners for communicating with others electronically:

  1. Make your subject line descriptive as possible
  2. Keep messages short
  3. End messages with your name
  4. Do not attach large files (maximum of 500kbytes)
  5. Do not write in capital letters in messages as it is regarded as shouting
  6. Proofread messages before you send them
  7. Check your emails regularly
  8. Always acknowledge that you have received a document that someone has sent you
  9. Do not send anonymous messages
  10. Do not forward chain letters or unsolicited mail
  11. Delete unwanted emails