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The Art department has 3 dedicated classrooms. Alongside the expected facilities for drawing, painting, sculpting and other general Art needs, we also have 2 Photographic backdrops with professional studio lighting equipment, a printing press, a kiln room, computers in each room with photoshop installed, data projectors and light boxes. We also have access to the bookable computer rooms for whole class digital work as required.

We have our own gallery- The Tank Room, where we regularly exhibit both student and professional Artist’s work, as well as hosting various cross curricular activities.

We put on several Pop-Up exhibitions in the foyer each year too showcasing the best Art and Photography from across the school.

We also have some of the best galleries London has to offer in very close proximity! Whilst we do regularly go on gallery visits and work in partnership with the galleries, it doesn't hurt to get into the habit of visiting exhibitions yourself, or even re-visiting!

If students need inspiration we recommend a trip to one of the following local galleries. Check their websites to see which shows are currently on, if they are suitable for your current projects and are age appropriate. The Tate has such a wide variety of shows and styles so there is always something to discover there!