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Psychology is a fascinating subject and is one of the most popular subjects both at AS and A2 Level. It is a well-respected  subject by universities and can lead to lots of career choices, such as those in counselling, education, health, clinical and forensic psychology, research, advertising and market research, management, teaching, the Police, IT and so on. We are recognised as a school of excellence in Psychology and students have achieved excellent results in recent years, with a high percentage of grade A/A*-Bs at AS and A2 Level.


Psychology is about understanding human behaviour. It is the study of mind, brain and behaviour. Topics that you learn about while studying psychology are: How does our memory work? Why do we forget things? What causes schizophrenia? Why are people aggressive? What causes addiction? Why do some people become obese? Why do we get stressed and how do we cope?


The type of student that enjoys Psychology is those that are inquisitive about people and behaviour, the subject includes elements found in Biology and Religious Studies.


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Professor Chrsitopher French, Goldsmiths University