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Prompt Questions


Contemporary Media Regulation

  • What is the nature of contemporary media regulation compared with previous practices?
  • What are the arguments for and against specific forms of contemporary media regulation?
  • How effective are regulatory practices?
  • What are the wider social issues relating to media regulation?

The following topics will be covered:

Film censorship, the regulation of advertising, the Press and regulation / control, computer / video game classification, contemporary broadcasting and political control, the effects debate and alternative theories of audience, children and television, violence and the media or a range of other

Media and Collective Identity

  • How do the contemporary media represent nations, regions and ethnic / social / collective groups of people in different ways? 
  • How does contemporary representation compare to previous time periods?
  • What are the social implications of different media representations of groups of people?
  • To what extent is human identity increasingly ‘mediated’?

Students will need to explore combinations of any media representation across two media, or two different representations across two media. Some examples are: National cinema, television representations, magazines and gender, representations of youth and youth culture, post-9/11 representations of Islam, absence / presence of people with disability in two media.