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Former Sociology student Rabia;

Studying-BA Sociology and politics at Goldsmiths College University London,

 ‘I have chosen to study Sociology and Politics as I am interested in women’s rights, especially in Afghanistan. A recent global survey described Afghanistan as one of the worst and most dangerous places to live in the world for women. This degree will provide me with the capacity to produce research which shows the needs and problems I wish to address, and that I can recommend methods for addressing them through social policy’

She is also doing an Applied Accountancy degree alongside her Sociology and Politics degree.

Rabia envisages doing a Masters and PHD upon the completion of her undergraduate degree.

Rosie studied Economics at A Level, she is currently working as a Dividends Administrator at Newton Investment Management Ltd, whilst studying for a Business Management degree.

'When I first chose to study Economics at the beginning of sixth form, I never fully understood how much I would use and need this A Level in my career.

There are continuous circumstances where I have to use my subject knowledge; I often realise how difficult I would find certain tasks if it was not for my economics A Level. In fact it is not only at work where my economics knowledge comes into good use, it provides a greater understanding of the world we live in as well as increasing my awareness of economic events and how this effects everyone – from large organisations to the average supermarket shopper. I have also found that an Economics A Level is highly valued by employers and even lecturers at university, most likely being the reason for my current job role'.


Former Sociology and Psychology  student Halta who is currently studying BSc Psychology at City University of London. 
'My aim is to finish this and go on to do a postgraduate in counselling psychology. Some people are put off by social sciences because they fear they wont be able to do anything with it as a degree, but the truth is that it teaches you a lot of valuable skills that are useful for most career paths. I am currently working a few hours at a financial advisers company, so this is clearly proof that it's not a 'useless' degree after all, as it was actually valued by my employer, particularly because a large part of the psychology degree is research and statistics.  
I think that studying social sciences opens your eyes and allows you to view the world and the people around you in a much deeper and interesting way. I will be able to make a change in this world, however small, by touching peoples lives- and this, I think, is often what we all wish to achieve'.
Halta is spending the summer as a psychologist's assistant in Canada.