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Our Vision

At St Saviour's and St Olave's School we believe that music should be accessible and inclusive for all our students. We believe that every student has the right to become the best musician they can be, whether their involvement is singing in assembly and enjoying their KS3 music lessons, taking part in one of our many ensembles, or they are a grade 8 pianist learning their instrument with us.

Our curriculum is focused on students developing the performing, composing, listening, and appraising skills that are the hallmark of a sound musical education. Our curriculum is supported by an extensive co-curricular programme of ensembles and the option to study an instrument. We have high expectations of our students in everything they do. 

When our students leave us we hope they have developed an appreciation of many styles of music and the opportunity to experience music from many cultures. We highly value our decolonised curriculum; we don't see the western classical tradition as the dominant form of music, but rather as part of the patchwork of equal music traditions across the globe and throughout history.
Music allows students to demonstrate and benefit from support, compassion, reflectiveness, inclusivity and transformation - it is a place where students can embody our school's ethos and values.