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Key Stage 5

If you enjoy mathematics, then you should consider studying AS or A Level Mathematics.  It is a demanding and challenging subject but it can also be very stimulating and rewarding if you put in the time and the effort.  People entering today’s most lucrative industries such as IT, banking and the stock market need to be confident using mathematics on a daily basis.   To be sure of this many employers and top universities still look for the traditional A Level mathematics qualification as the ability to think mathematically and to use mathematical problem solving skills is a great advantage in many university courses and careers.

“Mathematics is the language of modern science, engineering and finance.  It is a language that is both beautiful and fascinating in its own right.”

During Key Stage 5, students will continue to develop and learn more complex mathematical techniques.  This course is designed to develop your understanding of a wide range of mathematical ideas and your ability to use them to analyse and solve problems in a variety of applications. It is based on a core of algebra, trigonometry and calculus (pure mathematics), together with an introduction to statistics (probability and its application to the analysis of data) and mechanics (the application of maths to studying force and motion). Students studying Further Mathematics will study Pure Mathematics to a much greater depth than A Level, as well as further options in Mechanics, Statistics and Decision Mathematics.

There are opportunities for students to attend an external A Level conference to learn about the wider applications of Mathematics at university level, and enter various external competitions including the UK Senior Mathematics Challenge. The department also offers revision classes and extra help to prepare students for unit examinations.