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Key Stage 5

At A Level  we study the following:

AQA Religious Studies, with a focus on Christianity, Philosophy and Ethics.


AS Level

A Level

Sources of wisdom and authority


Self, death and afterlife

Good conduct and key moral principles

Expressions of religious identity

All of AS PLUS:

Christianity, gender and sexuality

Christianity and science

Christianity and secularism

Christianity, migration and religious pluralism


Dialogues between Christianity and Philosophy/Ethics

Philosophy and Ethics

AS Level

A Level

Arguments for the existence of God

Evil and suffering

Religious Experience

Verifying religious experiences


Normative ethical theories

Application of natural moral law, situation ethics and virtue ethics to: issues of human life and death; issues of non-human life and death


All of AS PLUS:

Religious Language


Self, death and the afterlife


Introduction of meta ethics: the meaning of right and wrong

Free will and moral responsibility


Bentham and Kant