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Key Stage 5

Students opt to study music from year 12 onwards.  Students typically do so who have studied GCSE music.  If a student has passed Grade 5 ABRSM practical and theory (or equivalent qualifications) then she will be considered for year 12.  

The department follows the OCR AS Level specification (H142). Students receive six 50 minutes lessons of music every week (3 double lessons).  Students also receive a 50 minute singing/instrumental lesson.  Students must be able to play/sing their first study to Grade 6ABRSM level (or equivalent qualification).  At AS Level, students must: perform a recital of music; compose a string quartet; harmonise 7 melodies; and sit a 2 hour written examination in June of the academic year.  As with GCSE study, the department expects work to be of a very high standard.  As a consequence, students must spend at least 2 hours outside of lesson time working on material.  To assist with this, students are provided with specialist music software to use on their lap top computers, as well as tutorial coaching.


Music 3



Students who are successful at AS Level Music are invited to continue study at A2 Level Music in year 13.  Students must be able to play/sing their first study to Grade 7 ABRSM level (or equivalent qualification).  Lesson provision is the same as at AS Level.  Students must complete: a performance recital; original composition for 5 or more instruments; 8 harmonisations of chorale melodies in the style of J. S. Bach; and a 2 hour written examination in June.