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Key Stage 4


Key Stage 4

Year 10 curriculum

Students follow the AQA A GCSE course studying a physical geography unit based on The Restless Earth; volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis, The Challenge of Weather & Climate; global warming, hurricanes, The Coastal Zone; coastal flooding. Students take part in a compulsory 3 day residential trip to Suffolk where they will collect the data needed to write their coursework.



Year 11 curriculum

Students complete the AQA A GCSE course studying a human geography unit based on Population; population change, migration, The Development Gap; contrasts in the world, unstable governments, Tourism; mass tourism, extreme environments.


Exam board & Specification



Units studied:


Unit 1: Physical Geography:

  • The Restless Earth (Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis)
  • The Challenge of Weather & Climate (Global Warming, Hurricanes)
  • The Coastal Zone (Rising Sea Level, Coastal Management)

Unit 2: Human Geography:

  • Population Change (Population Change, Migration)
  • The Development Gap (Contrasts in the world, Unstable Governments)
  • Tourism (Mass Tourism, Extreme Environments)



Exams 75%

The exams will assess knowledge / understanding and skills connected with the above topics

  • Unit1: Physical Geography; 1 hour 30 mins; 37.5%
  • Unit 2: Human Geography; 1 hour 30 mins; 37.5%


Controlled Assessment (replaces coursework): 25 %

A 3 day residential fieldtrip