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Key Stage 3

Year 7:

  • Learn how to identify fake news and images.
  • Understand how to keep yourself safe from phishing/vishing/smshing, social engineering scams and different forms of malware.
  • Collaborate with one another respectfully online.
  • Explore the history of computers and understand how they work.
  • “Speak” to a computer using binary.
  • Create quizzes using spreadsheets.
  • Create animations and a video game using Scratch.
  • Create pop art using vector-based drawing software.

Year 8:

  • Learn the science of encoding and decoding messages using cryptography.
  • Understand how computers use binary to represent images and text on a computer.
  • Create advanced animations and games in Scratch.
  • Create drawings using Python and develop an Artificial Intelligence program.
  • Create a “choose your own adventure” story using programming constructs.
  • Create your own webpage using HTML and identify cybersecurity threats.

Year 8 participate in the NCSC CyberFirst Girls Competition held nationally every November. This is an online competition where teams complete a series of networking, logic and coding, cybersecurity and cryptography challenges.

Year 9:

  • Understand how to develop efficient programs to solve problems.
  • Develop an Artificial Intelligence program using Python.
  • Understand the ethical issues behind Artificial Intelligence, driverless cars and algorithms.
  • Ethical, cultural, legal and environmental concerns – have computers made the world better or worse?
  • Understand what a computer network is, identify possible threats and how to prevent them.
  • Explore how a computer performs calculations and Boolean logic, and perform hexadecimal conversions.