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Key Stage 3

By the end of Key Stage 3, our aim as a department is to:

  • Develop students’ critical thinking skills so that they can assess the usefulness of primary evidence and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of historians’ interpretations of the past.
  • Develop students’ ability to consider both sides of the argument in order to present a balanced answer, which comes to a substantiated judgement about the past.
  • Cultivate in our students a sense of national heritage, as they trace the roots of British political and legal institutions, the development of Christianity and the origins of our multicultural society through case studies of immigration  across the centuries
  • Represent the histories of minority ethnic groups through units such as the African kingdoms.
  • Teach students important lessons that arise from twentieth century history, including the impact of WWI on the British Home Front, the causes of WWII, the Holocaust and the civil rights movement in the USA.
  • Ensure that students who choose to study GCSE history have the foundations to excel in the subject