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Information About Appeals



School to publish Appeals Timetable on the website no later than

Friday, 24 February 2023

National Offer Day

Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Closing date for parents/carers to register their wish to appeal

Wednesday 29 March 2023

Last date for Appellants to submit their written Appeal and supporting paperwork to the Independent Clerk

N.B. any documentation you wish to submit after this date will only be considered at the discretion of the Chair

Wednesday, 3 May 2023

Notification to Appellants of date and arrangements for their Hearing no later than

Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Date for Appeal Hearings

Thursday, 8 June 2023


Reserve Date for Appeal Hearings

(only used if not all can be heard on main date)

             Friday, 9 June 2023