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How will students be assessed during Key Stage 4?

Formative assessment once again underpins how students are assessed throughout Key Stage 4.  Every student’s mathematical understanding continues to be assessed during every lesson!  Students are assessed formatively by being asked specific questions, completing a diagnostic task, working as part of a group and many other ways. 

The Mathematics Department’s primary aim is for all students to be able to function mathematically in society.  To be able to reason mathematically, analyse and solve problems.  However, with the workplace becoming an increasingly competitive place, it is crucial that students gain the best qualifications possible in order to have the opportunity to be successful and happy. 

Students will be entered for the Edexcel Linear Mathematics GCSE.  This takes place during the main exam season during the summer of year 11.  The students will sit a non-calculator exam and a calculator exam.

Students will be assessed at Higher or Foundation Level.  Higher tier students will be able to access grades D to A*.  Foundation tier students will be able to access grades G to C.