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Helping Your Daughter

As a parent, what can I do to support my daughter?

There are many practical steps that you can take to support and nurture your child, for example by encouraging her to:

  • Visit her local library and the internet as learning and research resources
  • Visit museums, science centres, nature reserves and art galleries
  • Watch educational and current affairs programmes such as the news, wildlife/nature programmes and documentaries, and discuss them
  • Read a quality national newspaper
  • Discuss and debate topics, such as politics, the environment and the media
  • Discuss homework and schoolwork
  • Take part in extra-curricular activities – check the school website for events and encourage your daughter to attend activities outside her “comfort zone”.
  • Read for pleasure, including challenging books
  • Take regular physical exercise

You can also support your child by:

  • Providing suitable learning resources such as books, encyclopaedias, magazines, computer software etc.
  • Organising day trips and visits to places of cultural, historical and educational interest
  • Building cultural experiences, trips and excursions into family holidays.