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Our vision:

At St. Saviour’s & St. Olave’s our core aim is for our students to become expert and creative communicators in written and spoken word. Through exploring a range of high-quality fiction and non-fiction texts from diverse contexts, our students will develop critical thinking skills. Students will explore, question and critique societal norms, challenge injustices and develop confidence in expressing their views. In exploring our literary heritage and beyond, students will gain insight into, and understanding of how societies and cultures of the present have been shaped. They will be able to discover themselves through the rich and varied literary history we all share but approach with individual wonder. 

As teachers of English Language and Literature, we aim to foster a love of reading and a passion for life-long learning. As makers of the future, our students will take their passion for reading, of language and creativity to empower their own success and footprint upon the world. Our team of committed and expert teachers are passionate in decolonising the curriculum and bring a wealth of their own educational and personal experiences to ensure our curriculum encapsulates three things: to be a window on the world where students can see what has been and what is; to be relevant and reflective of our own students’ lives and to provide an open door of opportunities to enrich our students’ lives in the future.