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Our Vision

We strive to be a centre of excellence where all our students are exposed to the very best in the world of Drama from the past and present and give them the skills they need to be makers and patrons of theatre now and in the future.  

Our curriculum is focused on students having the opportunity to learn the practical and analytical skills required to excel in the making and appreciating Drama. Our curriculum is supported by an extensive extra-curricular programme.  

By the time they leave us we hope to ensure all our students can make their own Drama to a high standard and, have an understanding of a range of the best work produced across different eras, genres/movements and mediums, with an emphasis on a decolonised curriculum.

We are guided by our view that all students, no matter their previous experience, ability or background, are entitled to high quality arts provision. 

Our curriculum reflects our belief that Drama and theatre are a vital and transformative part of education; they play a central role in ensuring that students become well-rounded, compassionate, reflective, inclusive, and supportive people.