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Drama at St Saviour’s & St Olave’s is a popular and successful part of the curriculum for all key stages. We have one small black box studio complete with lighting rig and sound system and a larger Activity Studio (shared with PE) which houses a hydraulic lighting rig and is where all of our exam performances take place. In addition the school’s main hall also has all of the necessary technical equipment and this is where we mount our whole school productions.

Lessons encourage imagination, the exploration of multiple performance genres and texts and help the students to understand characters and relationships. Students learn to develop the use of physicality and body language, voice, space and communicative skills. We look at the process (the method of communicating and the building blocks of a performance) and the product: the performance and the relationship between actor and audience. 

In an age when employers are telling the education system that we need to work to build the soft skills of our students, Drama gives our students an increased confidence in communication skills. Drama teaches how to be an effective team member and persuasive.

Drama lessons play a key role in giving students opportunities to reach out to a wide audience. In the protective environment of the studio, students can learn to cooperate with others, access and explore feelings and develop empathy. They can try out new roles safely and realistically. Drama can enrich students’ educational experience as well as supporting traditional subjects.

The department has excellent links with Southwark theatres and the opportunities for students to attend trips and take part in performances outside of school are many.

Ms. Josie Murphy: Head of Drama and Leading Practitioner

Ms. Karen Umerah: Teacher of Drama

Ms. Susan Wilson: SENCO and Teacher of Drama