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Berlin 2014

Sixth Form History students visited Berlin recently, here's what our students thought of the trip.

Our trip to Berlin was one filled with laughter, entertainment and of course History. Taking in the historically beautiful city with my History group was a memorable experience I will never forget. I feel as though our class has changed completely after this journey in an amazing way as we were able to share this experience together. Exploring Berlin and sites such as the Reichstag and the Jewish Museum was great as we were able to take countless photos of the outstanding buildings and learn more about their history. There was never a dull moment on the trip with the History class and I can genuinely say that they each contributed to it greatly in many ways which is something I will cherish forever.

Whitney Marsha Peirce


Berlin was an exciting, educational and a memorable experience for me and this was all down to the fact that I was privileged to see so many aspects of Berlin, whilst learning and being entertained by my peers. One of my many favourite parts of the trip was the walking tour as it enabled me to gather a lot of information on Berlin and it’s buildings and monuments in the most entertaining and informative way possible. The walking tour had given me a real insight on how amazing and “historically detailed” Berlin is; as well as giving me the opportunity to see the famous Berlin Wall. Another favourite part of the trip was the opportunity to visit the Bundestag as it was an informative experience which enabled us to go on tour that led us to witness the beautiful night life of Berlin. In addition, the company of my peers had made the trip even more memorable as it enabled us to integrate and get to know each other more.

Dilara Begum


As a consequence of the year 12 and 13 trip to Berlin I am now more appreciative of history as a subject. This is because we were able to see such a historical city at first hand; whether it was seeing the Brandenburg gate or visiting Sachsenhausen I was able to embrace the nature of what had come before us – both good and bad. The trip has increased my excitement to study history at university level next year, as I have been given an incentive to look deeper into this time period which was really brought to life when we went to Berlin.  However I cannot say that my new found appreciation was not aided by the people who I shared it with, as it allowed me to embrace all elements of the trip whether it was educational or social. In my seven years at St Saviours’ and St Olaves’ I cannot say that I have been on a better trip!

Courtnee Catnott


I haven’t got a specific highlight from our trip to Berlin. The entire experience was great fun, yet still educational. Even the train journeys were fun. Overall, I am glad that I went to Berlin because I gained invaluable historical information and I can now say that I stood in both East and West Berlin at the same time.

Tasreen Rahman


On the journey back I asked Megan what her favourite highlight of the Berlin trip was. She found it incredibly difficult to give her top highlight, because it was virtuously impossible to find one stand out moment- as there were far too many of them! So we ended up sharing our top five, and one of the common themes, other than visits to concentration camp Sachsenhausen and the thought provoking Jewish Museum, was how well our history class bonded. It’s cheesy but I feel like I’ve gotten to know people a lot better, including myself! I released a side to me I didn’t even know I had! Berlin was a brilliant trip & city, a place I definitely will visit again!

Rubina Nahar