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Art education has a major responsibility for some important aspects of a child’s development - those which have intellectual, personal and social significance and strong links with the sensual and emotional life of the individual.

At St. Saviour's and St. Olave's we celebrate the creativity of our students’ work; their imaginative and enthusiastic responses enable them to produce original and diverse outcomes.

We also believe that a grounding in the technical skills required to express ideas visually with success, and a knowledge base of both historical and contemporary Artists, architects and crafts people from across different cultures is also key.


  • To help children to understand and use the language of aesthetics and to comprehend the nature and function of art design within the context of their own work, their environment and culture.
  • To improve the quality of children’s learning, their abilities to make informed decisions, solve problems, develop their ideas and the ability to act upon them to make personal responses.


  • To develop the necessary skills used in the manipulation of appropriate materials and techniques.
  • To develop a broad understanding of the meaning, significance and contribution of art, craft and design within contemporary, historical and multi-cultural contexts.
  • To develop visual literacy and enable students to evaluate visual images.
  • To develop individual expressive powers through the practical creation of visual forms, encouraging intellectual, analytical responses and intuitive, emotional responses.
  • To develop the ability to hold, articulate and communicate ideas, opinions and feelings about their own work that of others.
  • To develop skills in handling and exploring the possibilities of different media and encourage individual aptitudes.
  • To develop the appreciation of the skill and effort required to achieve work of quality.
  • We encourage a Growth Mindset in the Art department, and students are encouraged to make mistakes, learn from them, practice purposefully and act on the expert advice given.