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Continued Students Leadership Development

At SSSO, we continue to nurture our students and bring out the best in them.

Our student leaders have had bespoke leadership training this term, and they explored the leadership of purpose, public speaking, making a difference, how to delegate, teamwork, and lots of transferrable skills. They continue to work collaboratively with various stakeholders of our community from year 7 to 13 as Children of the present and makers of the future.





Our students continue to develop their confidence and character with opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of projects that impact positively on learning, teaching, and well-being for both students and staff. The specific areas of students' leadership responsibilities foster connectivity across all year groups. Our student leadership team is diverse and representative of our student body and, our student leaders to continues to embody our ethos and core values.

Our Student leadership areas are Transition & Future; Curriculum and Enrichment; Mental & well-being; Faith & Ethos; diversity & Inclusion empowers in a meaningful way in which student to voice their ideas respectfully and have their opinions considered in decisions that impact them. 




Elsie McDowell  Headgirl

Mahrou Meem Deputy Headgirl

Dashiloh Kassongo          Deputy Headgirl

Joelle Winston-Martyn  Deputy Headgirl

Shanice Williams – 7 Orange       Year 7 Prefects

Orit Wondwossen – 7 Yellow       Year 7 Prefects

Habiba Ahmed – 7 Blue Year 7 Prefects

Ashiat Aderemi – 7 Red Year 7 Prefects

Iman Mansaray Transition and Futures

Nilyana Kirinde  Transition and Futures

Isabel Green-Brown       Well-being

Alaae Brahime   Well-being

Fola Kareem       Faith and Ethos

Jennifer Amukamara      Faith and Ethos

Romesa Kashif   Curriculum and Enrichment

Sadiyah Rasaq   Curriculum and Enrichment

Nilyana Kirinde  Curriculum and Enrichment

Salina Zhang       Diversity and Inclusion

Rephaiah Appiah              Diversity and Inclusion

Yaa Tibson           Diversity and Inclusion

Nina Amani         House System and Ethos

Vivianna Sampson-Mebrathu     House System and Ethos