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Ms S Charlton; Head of Department, Teacher of Economics, Business and Sociology

Mr J. Breslin; Teacher of Sociology

Mr M. Roach; Teacher of Economics, Business and Sociology

Ms R. Cook; teacher of Psychology 

Mr D. Quartey; teacher of Psychology

Ms K Harvey; teacher of Sociology


Ms Charlton read Law and Business at the University of Warwick before working for several businesses including IBM and Robert Dyas. She then worked in Africa for several years managing international volunteer groups before running a small charity in Malawi. Eventually the lure of the British weather was too much and she moved back to London to train at the Institute of Education. She now teaches Economics, Business Studies and Sociology. She is particularly interested in the social policies that infiltrate all three subjects and how they impact on our lives.


Mr Breslin read Economics at Manchester in the 1980s, under the noted political philosophers, Norman Gera and Teodor Shanin.  After a variety of careers in finance, housing and surveying, it was whilst working as a HIV adviser in the 1990s that he decided to pursue a career in teaching.  He has taught a wide variety of subjects including, Business, History, Economics, and Sociology.  As a member of the Royal Instition, Mr Breslin has a keen interest in science.  This is reflected in his specialist area of teaching, which is "Beliefs in Society".


Mr Roach studied International Business, earning degrees from Lancaster University, and North-eastern University in Boston, USA. He has worked in both the UK and the US, coaching both large international firms, as well as small start-up businesses in key areas such as marketing, strategy, and information management. When moving back to the UK, he was tempted by London's global appeal, and trained at the Institute of Education. He now teaches Business and Maths. His main areas of interest are global strategy, and social enterprise, as he believes that business skills can be used to better society. He hopes that he can help instil the same skills within his students, and help to mould the next generation of socially conscious businesspeople.  


Mrs Cook previously worked for the Council as an Education Welfare Officer. After completing a post graduate qualification in psychology she decided to train as a teacher. As there are very few teacher training opportunities to become a psychology teacher she initially did a PGCE in maths followed by a Masters in Maths Education at Kings College London. She is now lucky enough to be able to teach a small amount of maths, some health and social care but overall she teaches what she loves psychology A level in the sixth form. Her main interest is psychopathology and understanding how the mind works.


Mr Quartey graduated from the University of Leicester with a BSc in Human Psychology. After two years working in insurance and volunteering for the National Autistic Society, Mr Quartey came back to South East London and was intrigued by the perseverance of young people. He worked in a challenging secondary school to help the students overcome barriers to learning as a Student Support Manager. After four years of this he trained to teach. Mr Quartey’s interests lie particularly with attitudes and social communication in Social Psychology.


Ms Harvey read Philosophy at St Chad’s College, Durham University. Her long standing interest in the Social Sciences took root during her own A Level Sociology lessons where, at the height of coursework and armed with chocolate bars as bribes, she completed unstructured interviews with pupils in a fun if somewhat unethical attempt to assess the impact of setting on student self-concept. Still passionate about all things inequality and education based she is known for her challenging and innovative teaching approach and the high academic standards she sets for her students. Ms Harvey is an experienced teacher of Philosophy, R.S. and Sociology with many years of A Level success. She is delighted to be teaching in the Faculty on a part-time basis whilst pursuing further study and a substantial renovation project.