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What we Love about BSF - March 2012

The school can benefit further by hosting more events.


There will be less crowded corridors and more specially equipped rooms such as an activity centre which will be great for dance as it will have mirrors.


It is looking really exciting now the building is going up and it looks like it will be ready on time!


It looks like it will be amazing and it is a shame I will have left school!

However, my sister will have more space and opportunities in the new building.



With building work going on it has meant noise at times…but it will be worth it


I am very excited about the 6th form terrace


I love looking at the model of the new school buildings in the foyer


There will be even more clubs because we will have more space


The new building looks great!


We will have more learning space for subjects such as Dance, Science and Drama and a more modern building


The first view of the new frameworks going up was exciting


The Balfour Beatty staff have come and spoken to us about the new building and we have had the chance to visit the site which was brilliant


The development of the building makes me happy!


'The projects we do are really fun, and it also reflects my feelings'


'What I like about BSF club is we do really fun things with clay'


'The projects that we do are really fun and creative. We have fun with our friends'



'The projects that we do in BSF club are really enjoyable , Every week I come to  BSF club and every week I have fun. We get to work with different materials and use them to make interesting objects'



‘Being in BSF club releases your individualism and your perspective of life when in other times you can't’


The building works have been a great inspiration for our Art work


It is interesting to watch the building come together


More rooms and green space with the 6th form terrace!