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Travel and Tourism

Our Vision

Travel and Tourism BTEC: Pearson

This qualification consists of two mandatory units covering the following content areas.

  • The travel and tourism industry – the travel and tourism industry in the UK is growing and is of major importance to the economy. Learners will develop the skills needed to examine, interpret and analyse a variety of statistics that measure the importance of tourism to the UK.
  • Customer service – learners will explore and apply ways of managing internal and external customer experience to support organisational success and develop their customer service skills.


All BTEC Nationals provide transferable knowledge and skills that prepare learners for progression to university. The transferable skills that universities value include:

  • the ability to learn independently
  • the ability to research actively and methodically
  • to be able to give presentations and be active group members.

BTEC learners can also benefit from opportunities for deep learning where they are able to make connections among units and select areas of interest for detailed study. BTEC Nationals provide a vocational context in which learners can develop the knowledge and skills required for particular degree courses, including:

  • reading technical texts
  • effective writing
  • analytical skills
  • creative development
  • preparation for assessment methods used in degrees.

As the travel and tourism industry moves into the 21st century there are many external pressures to face. Our students will be involved in classroom debates on GLOBAL WARMING and CLIMATE CHANGE and how the industry will work to ensure more fuel efficient types of transport. They will learn about the IMPACTS of TOURISM, both positive and negative, on host communities. They will understand the importance of TOURISM MANAGEMENT to ensure tourism is a benefit and how negative impacts can be reduced, so that we all have a great time on our holiday and the local people benefit too.


Travel and Tourism is the world’s largest growth industry

Study this interesting subject and be a part of the future