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Interview with Melvin Wright BSF Project Manager for SSSO



Q: Do you need to think about levels as part of the demolition process?

A: At the moment no, the focus is on pulling the buildings down piece by piece or chunk by chunk! During the next stage when the site is clear we will have to co-ordinate levels very carefully to ensure you will not have to step up to enter this part of the school.

Q: Where will all the rubble go?

A: This will all be reused. The wood will go to a power station in Essex, the steel will go to a smelter and be melted down for reuse. The concrete and brick will be crushed and used on other sites as fill or be used in concrete and the glass will be melted down and recycled the same as the bottles and jars you recycle at home.

Q: Do you have to wait for the ground to settle after demolition before building?

A: Not with this type of construction. We will be boring holes and putting in tubular steel and concrete columns called piles.

Q: You can drill into the earth to provide natural heat source, will this be happening as part of our build?

A: This can be an expensive process with continuing expense, for example the electricity to run it. It is not feasible for this build. You will be getting a Biomass Boiler which burns woodchip

Thanks Melvin!

Interview carried out by the BSF student voice team