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Homework should be challenging and, where necessary or appropriate, differentiate according to ability. Students should record the homework set for each subject in their Daybooks or Diaries. Teachers are advised to write the homework set (in brief understandable form) on the board before the end of the lesson, so that all students have time to write it in their daybooks. Parents are requested to check these entries regularly and to sign the book each week as an acknowledgement that what has been entered has been completed. Form Tutors should check and sign Diaries weekly.

Homework is set regularly for every student in the school. In Years 7 - 9, there is a set homework timetable for each form group. Years 10, 11 and the Sixth Form are expected to organise their own individual homework schedules depending on their option subjects and should work for at least two hours per evening.

The Lower School

Homework in the Lower School is set for all subjects except Physical Education. Mathematics, English and Science have two homeworks per week and other subjects have one. Music is set fortnightly. Year 7 may have a small amount of P.S.C.H.E. homework for particular topics. The Lower School homework timetables are displayed on the staffroom noticeboard. Reading is considered so important that it is also included in the Y7/8 homework timetable.

Generally, homework should be completed on the night that it is set in Years 7-9 but practical subjects (Art, DT, ICT, Technology and Music) may be completed at any time before the next week's lesson. It is suggested that Art homework is best done in daylight hours at the weekends.

Homework set should not exceed 30 minutes per subject for students in Years 7 and 8, and 40 minutes for students in Year 9.

The Upper School

Upper School students are given days or dates by which their homework or coursework should be completed. Deadline dates for coursework can be found in the G.C.S.E. Information Booklet for Parents which is also referred to by staff and students. There is a page in the Upper School Diary for these dates to be entered. In Upper School P.S.C.H.E. lessons, students are taught how to manage their learning to cope with the demands of the G.C.S.E. programme, including how to organise time. The Sixth Form students are encouraged to manage their time effectively during study periods.