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Below is a very small selection of work from different Key Stages. Please browse our galleries to the left for more albums and keep checking back regularly to see new work.


Above: "Stained glass window" made from found materials by Altea, AS Art.

Above: Electric Candles made by Year 8 Students for the Remembrance exhibition.

Above: Year 8 students explore the properties of paper when designing futuristic Architecture.

Above: Nightmare Landscape by Mel Su, Year 9.

Above: Nightmare portrait in charcoal by Mel Su, year 9.

Above: Installation view of our latest Tank Room exhibition, "Remembrance".

Above: Pencil drawing by Megan Bow, GCSE

Above: Oil Painting by Megan Bow, GCSE.

Above: Digital manipulation by Farah Zotiades, A Level

 Above: Installation by Farah Zotiades, A level